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Hunting Safety Tips: The Importance of Eye and Ear Protection

Hunting Safety Tips: The Importance of Eye and Ear Protection

The correct handling of firearms is the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think of hunting safety.

However, a safe and sensible approach to hunting involves more than just considering how to manage your firearm. It also means you need to consider how to handle your own health and well-being. Protecting both your ears and your eyes is a fundamental part of hunting safety and ensuring they are well-protected can help you continue enjoying a lifetime of good health and good hunting. 


Passive ear protection tends to be relatively inexpensive and easy to replace, but due to their simpler design, they cannot differentiate between noises. This means that along with the sounds of your shotgun, surrounding ambient noises are also muffled.

Active ear protection is an alternative option for those who spend more time at the shooting range or in the field. For more complete and convenient ear protection, opt for a set of electronic earmuffs. Electronic earmuffs protect your hearing, but they also allow you to hold a normal conversation while you are wearing them.

These devices make softer sounds louder while screening out loud noises, including gunfire. Because of this, they afford a better awareness of your surroundings and other hunters who might be in the vicinity, helping you to avoid potential shooting accidents. Electronic earmuffs are a worthwhile investment for any committed hunter, particularly those who hunt through various seasons and climates.

Keep your eyes covered

When it comes to hunting safety tips, the need for a pair of shooting glasses is at the very top of the list, even though many hunters neglect to obtain proper eyewear.

Shooting glasses protect your eyes from any materials that might ricochet in your direction. They also prevent any powder, debris or dirt from reaching your eyes if a firearm happens to malfunction. High-quality hunting glasses can do an excellent job of protecting a hunter’s eyes from impact in a manner that standard sunglasses simply cannot.

In addition to protecting your eyes, safety glasses can improve your shooting accuracy. This is because certain lens colors can enhance your depth perception and increase visual acuity.