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What other factor will influent you when choosing a satisfying holster?

What other factor will influent you when choosing a satisfying holster?

What other factor will influent you when choosing a satisfying holster?

When choosing a holster for a firearm, factors of interest include:

Safety – a well designed holster will provide protection to the handgun during insertion into or removal from the holster. The safety features of a holster very much require that the holster be engineered and designed for each specific manufacture and model of handgun.

Retention – a holster designed with retention in mind will help prevent a gun from being removed from the holster by anyone other than the person wearing it. Modern duty holsters have multiple hidden retention devices to this end. Frequently, retentive holsters are custom designed for a specific model of gun.

Basic amenities- Stealthy concealment of short is ideal for any ambience like swimming or driving and better when long period of walking or limited running.

Concealment – it is often desirable not to alert other people of one's being armed. A carefully designed and worn holster can make a gun virtually invisible. Almost all concealment holsters are designed to be worn with a covering garment that is part of the wearer's everyday attire.

Comfort – ability to wear a gun for an extended period without excessive discomfort.

Finish – a well designed holster should not snag a pistol or excessively abrade its finish.

Draw ease – practical shooting holsters allow a gun to be presented quickly, but drawing ease is often compromised in concealed carry

Durability – ability to withstand abuse and long-term usage without mechanical failure or impaired performance

Ease of reholster – a rigid holster will allow a gun to be returned to it with one hand, while a flexible one may collapse after the gun is drawn, requiring the use of both hands to reholster.

Adjustability – a holster that provides for the adjustment of gun cant and position can aid in both comfort or concealment.

Price – modern holsters for a typical standard handgun can cost $20 to $200. Some users will desire multiple holster types per gun, while others prefer a generic holster for carrying multiple gun types.

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