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Do You Know The Harm Of Noise?

Do You Know The Harm Of Noise?

The so-called noise is the sound that people don't need. There are many types of noise. Noise pollution seriously affects people's rest and work. People living in noise for a long time will affect their health, reduce labor productivity, and damage hearing. Under normal circumstances, the sound is between 55 and 65db, which will not have a great impact. When it exceeds this range, it will cause a lot of bad reactions to the human body.

The harm of noise pollution to the human body

(1)Noise is harmful to hearing. For people who work in a high-noise environment above 90db for a long time, 50% to 80% suffer from noise-induced deafness

(2)Noise harms the human nervous system,has a direct impact on sleep, rest and work efficiency,can reduce the efficiency of people's work and study, and cause work-related accidents.

Noise pollution is a common problem we face

Scientific research shows that although noise will not kill people immediately, its harm is also serious. Noise often becomes the "invisible killer" in daily life.

How to reduce the noise

(1)Noise source control

To reduce noise, first consider manpower from the noise source, and choose a quieter operation and technology.

(2)Reduce noise transmission

One of the ways to reduce noise is to separate the noise source from the place where the noise is strong.We can use noise reduction and hearing protection devices, such as earmuffs, earplugs, which can effectively prevent noise from entering our ears,to protect our hearing.

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