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How To Choose The Noise Reduction Value Of Earmuffs?

How To Choose The Noise Reduction Value Of Earmuffs?

Earmuffs are one of the important means to protect ear health. How to choose the noise reduction value of earmuffs is one of the best ways to choose suitable for your workplace. The following will briefly explain how to choose the noise reduction value of earmuffs:


1. The ambient noise detected at the ear is 92dBA.

2. The NRR is 21 decibels (dB).

3. The noise level entering both ears is about 71dBA.

After wearing the hearing protection product correctly according to the instructions, the actual noise entering the human ear is approximately equal to the difference between the A-weighted environmental noise value (dBA) and the NRR value.


When the main frequency of environmental noise is below 500Hz, the C-weighted environmental noise value should be used to estimate the noise reduction level of earmuffs. The NRR value calculated from the attenuation data measured in the laboratory will reduce the protective performance of the product if you wear it incorrectly. Therefore, hearing protection products should always be worn correctly in noisy environments. Although hearing protection products can be recommended for the protection of impulsive noise that is harmful to the human body, since the NRR is derived from the noise reduction data of continuous noise, the NRR cannot accurately display the impulse noise of the ear protector (such as gunshots) Protection effect.

However, the wearer should choose the appropriate style and earmuffs with appropriate noise reduction level according to the requirements of the use environment. Mastering the correct wearing method is an important factor to ensure the noise reduction value. First, adjust the earmuff cup to the lowest position of the headband, gently pull the headband, cover the earmuffs outside the auricle, and remove the earmuffs and head as much as possible Separate the hair between, and adjust the  height of the earmuffs again, adjust the angle of the earmuffs appropriately, make the earmuffs completely cover the auricles, try to get a sense of comfort, and make the headband close to the top of the head. The snap-fit ​​cushions and sound-absorbing foam of the earmuffs can be replaced, and it is recommended to replace them twice a year. In order to ensure a good noise reduction effect, hygiene and comfort.