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Do you konw Factors Affecting The Sound Quality Of Bluetooth Earmuffs?

Do you konw Factors Affecting The Sound Quality Of Bluetooth Earmuffs?

When many people buy Bluetooth earmuffs, they still pay much attention to the sound quality of the earmuffs. After all, they buy earmuffs for calling or listening to music. So what are the factors that affect the sound quality of Bluetooth earmuffs? Let me answer for you.

1. Bluetooth version

The Bluetooth transmission rate below 4.2 and 4.0 is not very high, and there will be problems such as interference and disconnection. After 5.0, this problem has been solved well, and most of them are now beginning to use 5.0. For the above version, if you still see Bluetooth 4.0, please choose carefully.

2. Encoding format

For the Bluetooth audio transmission protocol, the transmission efficiency of different protocols will be different, which will affect the sound quality to some extent. In fact, all encodings will have a certain loss of sound quality, but some are more and some are less.

At present, the more common codes are Aptx, AAC, and SBC. LDAC and LHDC (HWA) are not very common. When shopping, check which code your mobile phone supports, and then select it.

3. Sound unit

The horn sound cavity design and the size of the sound unit. The sound cavity is an echo field. If the structure of the plastic shell mold is unreasonable, the sound quality performance will be poor. Theoretically speaking, the larger the sound unit is, the better. There are 6mm, 8mm and 10mm sound units commonly available on the market, as well as special sizes tailored to different structures.

4. Chip stove

The stability of Bluetooth earmuffs signal transmission is mainly determined by the chip stove, and good chips will come with DSP digital noise reduction technology, CVC echo processing, and support APT-X lossless audio compression technology. These are also factors that affect the sound quality of Bluetooth earmuffs.