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Do You Know The Classification Of Noise Reduction Earplugs?

Do You Know The Classification Of Noise Reduction Earplugs?

Sound insulation earplugs are generally made of silicone or low-pressure foam material and high-elasticity polyester material. After being inserted into the ear canal, it is in close contact with the external ear canal to isolate the sound from entering the middle ear and inner ear (ear drum) to achieve the purpose of sound insulation, so that people can get a peaceful rest or work and study environment. But do you know the specific classification of noise reduction earplugs?

Classified by material

Silicone earplugs: Silicone earplugs can cause pain in the ear canal and cannot be continuously and effectively silenced, but the use cost is low. Although the silicone earplugs are airtight and non-porous, their rubber-like hardness after rebound is large, and they cannot be fully fitted with different types of adult ear canals, so they will cause air leakage. Once air leakage occurs, the sound insulation effect will be reduced, and probably can be reduced. The noise is twenty to thirty decibels. The inner wall of the human ear canal is curved and soft. If the obstruction is too hard, the ear canal will be red and swollen and the earplugs will leak, and even the painful side sleep pressure during sleep, which can not effectively achieve long-term comfort and quiet effect, can not be used for a long time, and the quality of sleep will be reduced.

Sponge earplugs: anti-noise earplugs made of low-pressure foam mold material and high-elastic polyester material. The surface is smooth, the rebound is slow, there is no pain in the ears during use, and the sound insulation effect is between 25dB-40dB. This type of earplugs is suitable for sleep use every night, but the slow rebound effect will be weakened after cleaning and cannot be used repeatedly. Generally speaking, sponge earplugs are disposable. But with the development of science, there are also some sponge earplugs on the market, such as the zero earplugs, which can be used repeatedly for more than half a year and can be scrubbed.

Wax earplugs (Wax): Wax earplugs are the originator of noise-proof earplugs, which can be softened by hand and made into a shape suitable for the ear canal. But the disadvantage is that it is not hygienic, and the wax may remain in the ear canal, which is not easy to clean. And after wearing it for a long time, the ears will feel painful.

Classified by function

Labor protection earplugs

It is also made of silica gel, which can prevent eardrum discomfort caused by the sound of the machine. It has good anti-noise performance, but it is relatively hard and has obvious swelling and pain when worn. It is not suitable for sleep use. Generally, labor-protective earplugs are equipped with ropes, which can be easily removed at any time.

Sleep earplugs

Generally, it is made of soft and slow-resilient materials. The noise resistance of sleep earplugs on the market can basically reach the level of silica gel. However, because the material is not as waterproof as silica gel, it is inconvenient to clean. It is not used much in the production workshop. For daily sleep use. There are also cords, but they often feel uncomfortable because of a foreign body in the neck when sleeping.

Swimming earplugs (waterproof earplugs)

To prevent water from entering the ear canal, materials with good waterproof performance, such as silica gel, are generally used. But there will be pain when brought into the ears. Not suitable for sleep and daily use.