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We are a professiaaaonal manufacturer and exporter of hearing protector in China in last 10 years and accept OEM. 

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How important Amplification earmuffs for industry ?

How important Amplification earmuffs for industry ?


Impact noise poses one of industry’s most difficult challenges in hearing protection: high noise levels at unpredictable and intermittent intervals.

 How can you offer hearing protectors that allow workers to hear speech and warning signals, yet still protect from occasional high-impact noise?

The short duration of impact noise lulls workers into a false sense of protection. Not recognizing the hazardous impact of intense sound energy in short noise blasts, workers often ignore the hazard.

As the hearing protection manufacturer, PROHEAR provide with level-dependent earmuffs. Microphones mounted on the surface of the ear cups feed the signal to an amplifying circuit with a built-in limiter maximum output cannot exceed 82 dB, still a safe level for occupational noise exposures. Worn at a construction site, for example, the worker would clearly hear warning signals and co-workers’ voices, but also be protected from the intermittent noise of power tools or unexpected impact sounds.

Also the electronics in an amplification earmuff do not cancel incoming noise they simply cap the amplification of the incoming noise. Nor does the limiting circuitry improve the passive attenuation of the earmuff. The greatest benefit of amplification earmuffs is the ability to still hear warning signals and co-worker voices clearly through the background noise. This is particularly true for workers with existing hearing loss or who wear a hearing aid.