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We are a professiaaaonal manufacturer and exporter of hearing protector in China in last 10 years and accept OEM. 

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How much do you know about Radio earmuff?

How much do you know about Radio earmuff?



A good radio headset would allow the enjoyment of music at controlled safe levels,

but also reduce the background disturbance in a noisy environment.

Today’s new hearing protectors do just that: Radio earmuffs contain circuitry that limits their output.

When the radio is turned on, the sound output is electronically limited to a safe level (around 82 dBA),

even when the radio is set to full volume.

This means the radio earmuff can be safely used in ambient noise exposures up to 100 dB.

The combined level of the attenuated ambient noise and the radio output is still safely in the low-80 dB range.

In a high-noise job that is also repetitive or tedious, a radio earmuff can improve worker satisfaction,

without sacrificing hearing protection.

Radio earmuffs are not for every job, and certainly not for workers near moving heavy equipment,

or jobs that require concentrated focus. But for tedious or monotonous jobs,

one study found that 79 percent of workers felt their productivity increased by listening to music on the job.


The following three Bluetooth headphones for reference:

       Bluetooth Earmuff       Bluetooth with AM FM Radio Earmuff         Bluetooth with DAB Radio Earmuf