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PROHEAR Cleaning Kit for 12 Gauge


PROHEAR Cleaning Kit for 12 Gauge

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PROHEAR Cleaning Kit for 12 Gauge

1.Suitable for Caliber 2.Extended the service life of shotgun 3.Compact cleaning tool
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* Suitable for Caliber - The cleaning kit multifuntion tools suitable for 12 gauge.
* The shotgun cleaning kit including: 4 stainless steel rods, 1 shotgun adapter, 1 aluminium handle, 1 pack of patches, 1 bore
brush, , 1 double end brush, 1 cotton mop, 1 muzzle guard, 1 spring brush, 1 brass patch holder.
* Extended the service life of shotgun - Proper cleaning, maintenaning and storaging your shotgun can prevent the residue from accumulating in its moving parts , keep shotgun safety, but also extend the service life of the gun.
* Compact cleaning tool - Gun cleaning kit is compact, arranged neatly and orderly. All the necessary parts for cleaning 12G shotgun are included. Fits well in a backpack or duffel bag.

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