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We are a professiaaaonal manufacturer and exporter of hearing protector in China in last 10 years and accept OEM. 

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EM025 Beneficial Price Electronic Noise Reducing Earmuffs


EM025 Beneficial Price Electronic Noise Reducing Earmuffs

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EM025 Beneficial Price Electronic Noise Reducing Earmuffs

●NRR:23dB ●Color:Black ●Compact Folding Design ●Amplify surrounding sound to save levels ●Low Noise/Frequency Tuned for National Sound Clarify ●Two Hi Gain Omin Directional Microphone ●Snap-in ear cushions;Ultra-Low-Profile Ear Cups ●Recessed Volume Control Knob ●Audio Input Jack ●2 AAA batteries,Extral Battery Door
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EM025 electronic protective earmuffs: equipped with 2 omnidirectional microphones, noise reduction level of 23 dB, including audio input jack and embedded volume control knob. Ideal for shooting ranges, hunting and noisy environments.

Noise reduction level (NRR 23dB): vertical volume control, easy to rotate to increase or decrease the volume, open the volume control button. The earmuffs will reduce the damage to your ears caused by gunshots, explosions or loud noises within 0.01 seconds. The built-in omnidirectional microphone can improve faint sounds, such as footsteps, intermittent sounds, alarm signals, etc.

Unique design: We use more advanced internal chips to enhance your sense of use, softer gel ear pads and rubber coating to ensure you are comfortable to wear. Adjustable design, suitable for most people's head circumference. Foldable design, more convenient to carry

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