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Adjustable 2 Point Rifle Sling Holds 15 Shells


Adjustable 2 Point Rifle Sling Holds 15 Shells

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Adjustable 2 Point Rifle Sling Holds 15 Shells

1.Soft and Comfortable 2.Functional Shotgun Sling with 15 shells 3.Sturdy Shotgun Sling Swivels 4.Non-slip and Adjustable Design
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●Soft and Comfortable-The shotgun constructed with durable nylon fabric,the padding behind the shell holder is nonslip neoprene
pad,shoulder pad is very comfortable and wide enough to reduce the pressure on the shoulders when carrying the rifle.
●Functional Shotgun Sling with 15 shells fit the stretchy fabric of the shell holder very snugly.They don't fall out without knowing,but not too tight as to make it a pain to extract them. Besides,easy to carry,suitable for long-term storage,and you don't need to find more shells.

●Sturdy Shotgun Sling Swivels-The rifle sling utilizes sturdy hardware,all the metal attachment and adjustment components are sturdy steel.The swivels fit perfectly with the stud and silent,safety secure locking,easy to attach to the gun.
●Non-slip and Adjustable Design-Adjustable length(35.4-67.7 inch)Adjust it to your suitable length as you need.Shotgun ammo sling is featured with unique grip backing to help prevent slippage.

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