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We are a professiaaaonal manufacturer and exporter of hearing protector in China in last 10 years and accept OEM. 

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Why you must wear ear muffs when shooting?

Why you must wear ear muffs when shooting?


Although hearing loss is often the result of aging, young people should also be made aware of potential risk factors to their hearing. 

As the most common cause of hearing loss worldwide, noise can do serious damage to your hearing.

All it takes is one extremely loud sound greater than 100 decibels (dB) or exposure over time to noises of more than 85 dB.

The physical trauma from these immediate or consistent sounds is enough to bend and break vital hair cells in the ear that cannot be repaired. 


When you shooting,

How loud is a Gunshot?

Gun dB Levels Compared as below:

All the above types of firearms will hurt our ears when shooting without earmuffs.


Tips To Protect Your Hearing when shooting