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Why And When Is Hearing Protection Important For Children?

Why And When Is Hearing Protection Important For Children?


Baby’s and children’s ears are extra sensitive to sound.

However, they regularly (unwittingly) encounter loud noise at events such as parties and matches.

Therefore, ENT(ear, nose and throat) specialists are warning of the increasing number of

very young children suffering hearing damage as a result of this.

Of course, it’s a good idea to avoid loud noise as much as possible. This isn’t always possible, and fortunately, also unnecessary.

Maybe you don’t always realise it, but children are exposed to loud noises more than you think.

Noise with a volume of 80 decibels (for example, a busy road), causes hearing damage if you are exposed to it for more than eight hours.

Every additional three decibel cuts the time you can be exposed to it safely in half.

Noise with a volume above 110 dB can even cause immediate hearing damage.

An electric drill can often easily surpass this limit, and the noise of fireworks can even reach 150 dB.

Children’s ears are still fully in development and are therefore extra sensitive to these types of loud noises.

Hearing protection doesn’t only prevent hearing damage; it can be useful in various situations.

Baby earmuffs offer peace and quiet and stimulate undisturbed sleep in noisy situations.

Earmuffs for older children help them to concentrate while studying or reading, both at home and at school. Children who suffer from overstimulation can also benefit from wearing hearing protection.




We are here to remind: Attach importance to children’s hearing protection!