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What kind of earmuffs should I buy? Is it harmful to wear earmuffs?

What kind of earmuffs should I buy? Is it harmful to wear earmuffs?

Speaking of earmuffs, I believe that everyone will not be too strange, and perhaps many people in life are their loyal users. Because it is actually an ear protector worn on the ear, but because of its variety, many people do not know which one to buy when they choose. Then let's take a look at the information about the earmuffs that should be bought and the earphones that are harmful.
What kind of earmuffs should I buy?
1. Introduction to the classification of earmuffs
In fact, according to the variety of earmuffs sold in the market, there are roughly two types of earphones that are commonly used, one is a soundproof earmuff with sound insulation effect; the other is a earphone with communication function, which is what the market says. Communication earmuffs.
2, the role of earmuffs
(1) The role of soundproof earmuffs: These earmuffs are designed with sound-absorbing ear pads, so they are naturally sound-insulating and are widely used in high-decibel working environments that affect hearing, such as factories, airports and construction sites. Noise place.
(2) The role of communication earmuffs: This type of earmuffs can be said to be a more advanced product. It uses a built-in design with active noise reduction, users can hear the ambient sound, and have a voice menu and Adjust button to control the sound level of active noise reduction, balancer, adjustable reduction time, equalizer, adjustable external input volume and external input mode.
3, how to choose earmuffs
The first point above, we already have a simple understanding of the two common types of earmuffs, so how to choose when actually buying? In fact, it seems relatively simple in Xiaobian. First of all, we can also choose according to their own needs. For example, if you want to achieve the sound insulation effect, you should choose the soundproof earmuffs. If you want to achieve the communication effect, you should choose the communication earmuffs. So as for what kind of earmuffs should be bought, you just have to choose according to your own needs.
Is wearing earmuffs harmful?
In fact, to some extent, wearing earmuffs is also a side effect. Because if it is worn for a long time, it may cause tinnitus, which may cause the hearing to weaken, or cause some pain. Secondly, wearing earmuffs for a long time is also likely to stimulate the development of otitis, because it is easy to cause bacterial growth in both warm and humid environments.
Therefore, in view of this, Xiaobian here to remind everyone that if you wear earmuffs, you should pay attention to the time is not too long, but also pay attention to more cleaning, in order to keep clean and avoid the proliferation of bacteria.