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How To Protect Children's Hearing?

How To Protect Children's Hearing?

Good listening ability, good language development, and good comprehension ability will improve learning ability. How to protect children's hearing requires parents to pay attention to some living habits and nursing knowledge. Today we will share with you briefly about this content,we hope it can help you.

Don't pick children’s ears.

Some parents have obsessive-compulsive disorder and like to help their children clean up their ears and earwax. In order to protect their children’s hearing, parents should change this bad habit. Frequently digging out their ears will seriously affect their children’s healthy development of hearing. If earwax is found, use a cotton swab to get it out gently, or consult a doctor to use the correct method to figure out.

Don't slap children’s ears

When punishing a child, remember not to slap the head, buttocks, and ears. The ear is a relatively fragile body part. If you slap too much and use too much force, it can easily cause deafness.

Keep children’s ears clean

Keeping ears clean here is to make children pay attention not to put things in their ears, such as some small items and dirty things, so as not to block the eardrums and affect hearing development. When bathing and washing hair, you should also pay attention to avoiding water entering the ears,otherwise will cause otitis media.

Stay away from high-decibel sounds or wear noise reduction headphone

Try to stay away from high-decibel sounds, do not take your children to KTV to sing, go to the cinema to watch movies, do not go to loud public places, such as gongs and drums,when going to places with high decibel noise, you should wear noise-canceling headphones for your child.

In short, protecting children’s hearing is a very important thing, and I hope that parents will pay attention to it.