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Do you choose passive earmuffs or electronic earmuffs when shooting?

Do you choose passive earmuffs or electronic earmuffs when shooting?



The following content introduces hope to help you make an accurate choice.


Passive: These earmuffs are pretty basic, using a combination of foam and plastic to help reduce all noise. Because of their simplicity, these earmuffs are much cheaper than electronic earmuffs. However, it can be difficult to have a conversation while you're wearing them because this noise is deadened as well.



Electronic: These earmuffs are more sophisticated. They can distinguish between soft and loud noises. They reduce loud noises, like gunshots, the way passive earmuffs do, but they also contain special microphones that amplify softer sounds, so you can still hear people talking. These earmuffs are battery powered, so you'll want to keep some extra batteries on hand so you can replace them as needed.


Electronic Earmuff Features


Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): The higher the NRR rating, the more the earmuffs reduce sound. You can figure out how many decibels the shooting earmuffs,(when decibels are measured dBA which is the most common)you take the NRR number (in dB), subtract seven, and then divide by two. ... If you are wearing a product with an NRR of 27 it would deduct 10 decibels (27-7/2=10).


Fit: Shooting earmuffs should fit snugly without being too tight or loose. Many come with an adjustable headband, so you can select the right fit for you.


Comfort: A padded headband and ear cups will make wearing the shooting earmuffs more comfortable, especially for extended periods.Or could choose the replaceable cushion earmuff,use the gel pads that will not be uncomfortable to wear for a long time.


Weight: Heavy earmuffs can get uncomfortable, especially if you're wearing them for long periods of time.


Battery type: Pay attention to what type of batteries the electronic shooting earmuffs use. Most use standard batteries, but a few have a dedicated rechargeable battery that you charge via a USB cord.


Accessories: Some shooting earmuffs come with a headphone jack and built-in audio controls, so you can also use them as headphones.

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