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We are a professiaaaonal manufacturer and exporter of hearing protector in China in last 10 years and accept OEM. 

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Common applications for electronic earmuffs

Common applications for electronic earmuffs

Valuable tool
The advantages of electronic earmuffs must be weighed against their higher cost and bulkier size. But electronic earmuffs offer specialized benefits for workplace as well as non-occupational applications. Features in earmuffs change with the fast pace of the electronics industry, and the innovations in design and utility continue to make electronic earmuffs a valuable tool in a hearing conservation program.

Common applications for electronic earmuffs

AM / FM Radio

Repetitive or routine work

Machining, assembly, metalwork

Light manufacture, electronics

Textile, printing



Impact / impulse noise

Intermittent noise or mobile workers

Hearing impaired workers


Drop forge, metal stamping, riveting


Critical two-way radio communication

Forestry, mining, construction

Aviation, first responders, military

Active Noise Reduction

Continuous, low-frequency noise

Motors, turbines

Commuter noise (aircraft, trains, etc.)